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(SANTA BARBARA, CA--070517) is your online booking guestlist resource to the hottest nightclubs, gentlemen's clubs, bars / taverns / saloons, and cocktail lounges throughout the United States.

“We help send customers to your venue. People come to our website searching for new places to go, so they enter their name, phone number, and email address along with other information, which we send to you as your guestlist,” declared Rick Soto, Founder of is designed around the 100 Most Populous Cities across the United States; however, the company says it can create a page in any location, including international.


To get an idea of how it works click on New York, NY where you will be taken to a page for the entire state. Here you will have your venue name and address, as well as, what you are offering your guests. This page will be marketed online on Facebook to bring traffic to your venue page.

Click on Cocktails & Dreams to be taken to a guestlist page specifically designed for you where guests will sign up for your venue.

Guests will see your venue name, location, time of arrival, what guests will receive if they use your guestlist form, how much table service costs along with bottle service, and information on parking.

Guests select their guestlist date, gender, enter their name, phone number, email address, and what benefits they would like to receive. All this information is customizable to fit your needs. When guests click submit you will receive the guestlist information they entered, the guest will receive a copy, and will receive an email copy as well.

To get started for $100 per month with unlimited guestlist submissions, fill out the Company Guestlist Service Agreement.


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